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3 Common Fails People Make With Their Diet


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Hi, I’m Jon, the Coach here at Port Talbot Fit Body Bootcamp.
In this video I wanted to share with you 3 of the most common reasons why people fail with their diets.

I help Motivated Women Drop Up to 2 Sizes In 8 Weeks so that they can stare in the mirror and be in love with what they see, to get to a place of confidence, to no longer be self conscious about the way they look and feel.
All without restricting & depriving your favourite foods, without feeling guilty that for once they’re making themselves a priority, without spending all they're spare time at the gym.

We've just had Christmas and we're entering into the new year and that means one thing. That you're gonna have the desire to get in better shape than you are right now.  To kiss goodbye to Christmas and HELLO to a happier, stronger, leaner you!

You'll want to eat healthier, workout, drop a few lbs or maybe a dress size or two all to look and feel better about yourself.
But you've also had these desires before.

Suddenly, you're empowered and excited by moving into the "New Year." We come up with all sorts of New Year's resolution ideas. It's our chance to start fresh, to change our lives, our bodies, our jobs.
Only to find that a few weeks later, nothing has changed, the spark of excitement you had has gone out and you've given up on your goals & dreams, you come up with a number of explanations and excuses as to why you can't do it.

Instead, Wouldn't it be amazing if we had clarity & understanding on what we needed to do step by step, having all the skills and knowledge on how to deal with life when it throws obstacles in our way, to be organised, self disciplined and focused on not just our goals and dreams but still be present for our families, friends, partners and the rest of our busy lives.

But also to do all that along side building our own self confidence, our own mental, physical and emotional energy, to be happy with ourselves and our lives, to have something to get excited about too.
And you want to do this the quickest and easiest way possible.
Which is why our 8 Week New Year Challenge is so successful.
Our ladies start they're journey by avoiding these 3 common mistakes, and dropping up to 2 sizes with literally inches lost all over!

And if you're looking to achieve the same, then I hope this video will help you understand my top 3 most common mistakes and start you on your way to achieving the same results..

The 1st most common reason why people fail with their diets is because of they have an ‘All or Nothing’ mindset.

When starting out on a new diet people go all in and try to be too rigid and too strict with their food. saying to yourself no more of this or no more of that, Cutting out ALL the bad stuff and only eat the good stuff.
Diets or Healthy eating shouldn't be rigid and strict.
...Being too strict about what you eat, leads to food cravings, food cravings hamper our progress.

Allowing yourself to have a treat or dessert now and then, but also not thinking of it as cheating or a cheat day, because Occasionally indulging yourself helps you stay focused the rest of the time.

During our 8 Week Challenge....Which is a stepping stone into a long term sustainable lifestyle, we don't use lists of foods you can or can't eat, there's no strict food plan for you to follow, there is nothing that's off the table, we don't cut out your favourite foods which makes us feel restricted, deprived and end up giving into cravings with binge eating.

Instead of cutting food out, we add good quality foods into your diet and that way you'll naturally learn to eat better quality foods more often. It's not about saying no to some things, it's about getting a good balance.

The 2nd most common reason people fail at their diets is because we concentrate on eating less rather than eating right.

The old concept of weight loss is "calories in v's calories out." But while that's true to an extent, WHAT we eat and the quality of our food is actually far more important.
The quality of our food will have a greater impact on weight loss than the number of calories we consume.

Just about every bit of research out there shows that when it comes to long-term health dieting & extreme diets are bad news.
As it turns out, starving yourself not only makes you hungry (and possibly homicidal), it also sets your body up for failure.

That's because the faster you lose weight, the more likely you are to lose a lot of muscle, and it's muscle that helps keep your metabolism high, and keeping your metabolism high is vital to burning more fat.

Once you quit your diet, your body will actually be less efficient at burning fat, making you more likely to gain weight and even gain more weight than you lost.

During our 8 Week Challenge, I teach our members how to create a structured food plan. Which not only helps with portion control without counting calories or weighing food...but also on the QUALITY of the food.

3. And finally...The 3rd most common reason people fail their diets is that they try to go it alone.

It's crazy that if there's one part of our lives that we very rarely seek help with... is our health and fitness, but...... it's one of the biggest aspects of our lives that can give us joy, elleviate health issues, help with our moods and sanity, boost our confidence and ultimately live a much healthy, happier, longer life.

But we seem to be content with going to the gym by ourselves, googling for food plans and searching youtube for Workouts and that's it.
For some this may work, but for many we need more help. Help to stay focused, more guidance, more support, especially when we have those days when life obstacles get in the way, and they do.
Many people just give up when they hit them, because they just don't know how to get over them.

Look....there's nothing wrong with going it alone but ask yourself this:
Has it worked out for you so far?
The theory of madness is 'Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

If you’ve got the results you wanted, that’s great. keep going.
But if you haven’t.. it’s time to re-evaluate what you're doing and get a coach.
Because, When you go it alone, you don't have guidance, accountability or support, you are on your own and when you're on you're own you cheat yourself, and when you cheat yourself, you're results never come. The impact is 6 months, 12 months from now you'll be in the exact same position you're in now, because that's how it's been for the last few years and I'm sure you don't want that.

Having a coach will accelerate your success, helping you get from point A to B faster than you could on your own.
And that’s why our members get such amazing results...they have guidance, accountability and support from start to finish.

so that's it....
I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, and it’s been helpful, if it has give it a little thumbs up and comment below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.